Some images make an impact on us. Especially those that make us feel good about what we do daily. It is questionable whether the image of our product Aegis developed for Polisport that I show below is beautiful or not. In my opinion, it is awesome.

Yes, the product is muddy. Yes, the product is scratched. Yes, the product is used. But that’s what we work for. A product with no contextual impact is a product that does not bring a user experience. And that’s a product that lives in a vacuum.

A product with no contextual impact is a product that does not bring a user experience.

At INNGAGE we work to create product experiences that make sense to users, to the industry and the market. We work with the mission of creating value in these three axes because only this way we can create impact through what we do best.

When we first told Polisport about the idea of using a quick-release system to attach this skid plate to the frame of a motorcycle, we knew we were somehow crossing the line. Would it be valued? Would it be safe? Would it hold? There is nothing like it in the market, isn’t it a risk? But contextually we realized that this was the way to improve the rider’s experience, which in this way does not need to carry a tool to release the protection. And we took the risk together with Polisport.

Product design is not always grateful. The process is neither simple nor linear and it takes a great deal of trust and respect between the parties for the products to come true. What motivates me is that there are companies like Polisport that accept and facilitate the implementation of product innovation. Not because it is trendy, but because it is at its core. They are innovative by nature. We only enhance this attitude.

This image is from our portfolio. It’s fine too, but the other one is better!

aegis by inngage polisport carter motocross 5

Do you agree?

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