Why work with us?


Working with INNGAGE was one of the best decisions we ever made. INNGAGE's creativity, versatility, experience, professionalism and availability makes them top-notch. INNGAGE is the best design company we've ever worked with and is now a partner for life.

Diogo Tecelão

CEO // C-mo


INNGAGE was a pleasant surprise. They helped us understand the essence of our company and position it as a brand and concept. At the same time, they had the ability to create a disruptive and unique product in the market.

César Henriques

CEO // Ecox


INNGAGE has been a central partner on CardioID's development strategy. Their transversal knowledge on the design process, starting from the design thinking approach, to product, digital and industrial design has been fundamental on our projects. We believe and continue to trust on INNGAGE approach.

André Lourenço

CEO // CardioID


INNGAGE has been a partner that adds huge strategic value. Deliverables on time, imagination, versatility and availability are facts that make us feel that it is, and will always be, an asset in Alualphas's successful strategy.

Tiago Antunes

CEO // Alualpha


INNGAGE brought Newvision a new approach to our products, a completely “out of the box” thinking, which challenged us and made us question our technological vision. Getting our internal engineering team to work with the ideas presented by INNGAGE was not an easy task, but they managed to earn that trust.
The INNGAGE team works with us in the entire product management process, from the discussion of the initial concept to its communication upon launch.

António Pedroso

CEO // Newvision


INNGAGE allowed us to interpret the essence of our company and translate it with greater simplicity and naturality.
The team quickly adapted to the demanding task of demonstrating how knowledge is transformed into added value in a traditional value chain, which aims to grow at the expense of implementing new technologies.

Pedro Amaral

CEO // Frontwave


Competence, creativity and empathy are points that we highlight, as well as the proximity and ease of communication in the development of a project.
Particular satisfaction was felt to the most ambitious projects, through design thinking. In a simple but assertive way, they led the different phases with remarkable expertise and surprising depth. We learned a lot from Inngage.

Paulo Mendes

CEO || Mistolin


Our product would not be the same without the critical spirit and focus on the end consumer, without the methods and fundamentals of the INNGAGE.

Nuno César Vieira

CEO // Magnética


INNGAGE has helped us question the functionality of our equipments with an interesting critical spirit, and has brought us a formal and neat approach to the thinking process and choice of new designs.

Nuno Matos Sequeira

CEO // Solzaima


I strongly recommend INNGAGE for its professionalism, competence, methods and ability to create value through the design process.
This talented team is able to understand customer requirements as well as find creative solutions to meet the needs of end consumers.

Liza Orioli

Marketing Director // Flama


Excellent performance, talented, detailed planning and always on time.
The innovative design, strong collaborative sense, holistic approach and proactive attitude ensure the best conditions for any project.

João Miguens

CEO // Tekair