A new approach to a ticket dispenser.

A new vision for
queue management.

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Queues are a problem for large and small businesses. Newvision excels queue management solutions, but lacked a compact product fully equipped with the major functionalities to answer small business’s needs.

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A new ticket dispenser for queue management whose versatility and technological approach would answer small businesses needs.

We created Vision, a small and compact product that allows queue management and, through its 7” display, incorporates marketing content. All available in a product that can be installed by the business owner.

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Full functionality for an efficient queue management system.

Vision is a quality technological approach that helps to organize simple queuing scenarios. Besides delivering a fresh and modern look, it also enables the full functionalities of an efficient Queue Management system, through a very cost-effective device.
The high-quality 7” display provides access to the service categories and can deliver promotional content, which in conjunction with the ability to print promotional graphics and text in the tickets, represents added value for promotional and marketing purposes.

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A vision for
every scenario.

This product was designed to be very adaptive. We can place it anywhere (on the wall, on the countertop and even on a stick). The form frame color can also be customized to be closer to the brand’s identity.

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