Tek Collection

Wood stoves for different personas and markets.

Product portfolio strategy. Solutions
for the market.

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    Home Heating Systems
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With the ambition of expanding its portfolio, Solzaima knew that the best approach was to develop a collection of different wood stoves that could aim to different kind of consumers, but the investment and diversity should be controlled to avoid difficulties on the logistic side.

The challenge was designing a new collection of wood stoves capable of responding to several needs and aspirations from different consumers and markets.

A collection of six wood stoves that fit in different markets from the mass market to premium niches, while sharing some components, production lines and assembly technics.

Shared components,
different personality.

The opportunities were defined and the goals determined after a deep analysis to the market, in collaboration with Solzaima. These new stoves focus on consumers and contexts of use, combining excellence in design and mastery in engineering.

Awarded with a silver A’Design Award 2016.

Tek Lumber represents a new concept of wood stoves capable of telling meaningful stories. Inspired by wood logs this stove brings a more natural atmosphere to the living room. The goal was to transfer nature into the habitat of the consumer, as a reminder of the wood that burns inside the stove. Steel pipes contrast with wood giving form to this everyday product that is eye catching and conveys new charisma to wood burning stoves.