Star of Galaxy

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Empowering people to star of their experience.

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A robotic stand for Samsung Galaxy devices that promotes new experiences and features. An articulated structure that follows and assists the user via face and voice recognition. Combined with Bixby, Star makes everyday life more dynamic, creative and productive, by turning any Samsung Galaxy device into an intelligent countertop virtual assistant.

Samsung Mobile Design Competition was looking for mobile accessory designs that enhance users’ experiences of next galaxy mobile devices.

From our research, we understood that Samsung is willing to empower makers and creators to do better and more. That’s why Samsung is investing so much in artificial intelligence and software developments, like Bixby. So, our concept relies on collaborative robotics and in a seamless integration between hardware and software, using Bixby as the main platform for collaboration.

Star of Galaxy:
A collaborative approach.

Not another robotic stand. THE robotic stand. Why?
Because it has a true brain called Bixby. After benchmark all the solutions in the market we saw an opportunity. Collaboration. We wanted to go further with this by establishing a seamless collaboration between hardware and software.

Through Bixby, Star of Galaxy become more than a stand that follows you, it becomes a true personal assistant.

Star of Galaxy collaborates with you in whatever you want. The design of the stand responds to the notion of collaborative robotics. The articulated arms allow total rotation and tilt, capture everything using the front and back camera of Galaxy devices. This ability to rotate and tilt in every direction with the vocal and face recognition from Star represents a leap in the market.

With a design that matches Samsung portfolio, Star of Galaxy is capable of moving freely, has fast wireless charging, and gives the client a good sound experience.

Soft edges, the contrast between colors and materials, the friendly but technological look, we try to communicate the positioning of Samsung. Star of Galaxy is capable of tilting and rotating 360 degrees and allows the devices to follow and assist the user via face and voice recognition, making use of both front and back cameras. The integrated speakers amplify the potential of your Galaxy devices and becomes their extension.

Samsung Developer
Conference 2019.

The contest, Samsung Mobile Design Competition, was divided into two categories, Next Mobile Wallpaper Paradigm (visual / graphic design) and Next Mobile + (product / industrial design), and was in San Jose, California, during the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (October 29th and 30th) that the finalists projects were presented and the winners announced.

Quality Seal by Samsung Developer Conference 2019

Our team was present at SDC19 where a mock-up of Star of Galaxy was displayed. With much honor we received the first prize on this competition.
The winners of this competition were selected by a jury of international designers such as Stefan Scholten and Paul Austin, as well as Samsung executives, and Dezeen editor-at-large Amy Frearson.