A combination of furniture and technology for a healthier awakening.

A hybrid product typology between a classic and a technological one.

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In a digital era marked by complexity and technological expansion, it becomes essential to rethink new tools that promote better habits and generate higher levels of user-product interaction. Given the current and stressful urban lifestyle sponsored by screens and artificial lights, the users, increasingly aware and concerned with their well-being, seek to acquire new experiences and sensations that help daily routines and reduce stress.

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The combination of furniture and technology creates a disruptive product with added value for the user.

To promote better habits in users, SOuL explores the sleep and rest area by combining sound and light technologies with home furnishing equipment. SOuL translates into a bedside table that integrates technological systems capable of creating environments that encourage tranquility and harmony when waking up and going to sleep.

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SOuL brings together the functionality of several products in a bedside table consisting of a wooden module with glass on the top, where the lighting area is located.

The table’s storage area is divided into two zones: an open zone and a closed zone. The closed zone is composed of two drawers, one allows the storage of larger objects and/or clothes, and the integrated one makes it possible to store more personal objects such as watches and jewelry.

The bedside table can be suspended directly on the wall using a treated and lacquered steel support, or it can have wooden legs.

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A healthier awakening.

The bedside table integrates technological systems and sensors that enhance the user’s well-being when waking up and when going to bed. In order to provide a healthier awakening, the product is composed of a light fixture that allows a game of lights capable of recreating the sun’s natural lighting, a speaker and a smartphone connectivity system.

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The bedside table connects with the smartphone and reads the alarm clocks previously programmed by the user. Then it communicates with the lighting interface and gives it a wake-up indication. Besides enabling a controlled waking up, the device can also be programmed to aid falling asleep, the light gently fades after 30 minutes.

The lighting of the device can also be used in manual mode, without the use of the smartphone, by activating the interface located at the base of the luminaire. The light has got 10 levels of intensity.

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No application is needed,
just an intelligent virtual assistant.

The device interface connects to the smartphone without the need to install a new application, since the products are programmed to be compatible with the main devices on the market: Apple Home Kit (Siri), Google Assistant (OK Google), Amazon ECHO (Alexa) and Microsoft (Cortana).

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