Warmth that you can feel.

Natural heat with
a natural touch.

  • Client
    Fogo Montanha
  • Sector
    Home Heating Appliances
  • Year

In a close relationship with Fogo Montanha, we set a goal of making a wood stove that people could touch and relate with the heat in a more meaningful way. Our background in this market showed us the insight that people love the heat but fear getting hurt by it.

What can we do to provide a new experience of heat through a wood stove that gives the confidence to people to use it differently?

We brought in a natural and premium material: cork.
Taking advantage of cork properties, we have created a barrier between the heat and the user. Cork allows the flow of the heat and, at the same time, prevents injuries.

Tough structure,
soft to the touch.

Natura was done with the purpose of giving a more natural touch to an industrial product. The idea of using cork as the main covering material arose from the desire to give the user the experience of touching the stove, thus having a better and greater perception of the heat.

With a philosophy of simple construction, the main body of the stove is produced in steel and the cork profiles are placed and fixed to its structure. These profiles are separated from the steel structure to prevent the cork from darkening over time.

Being made with modular cork profiles, it resembles the old radiators and at the same time this material reinforces the security, allowing users to safely touch and feel the woodstove, making this equipment suitable for every room in the house.

High standard
security tests.

As a research project, the development of Natura counts with more than 2 years, in which the relationship between the cork and the combustion chamber have been studied and improved to ensure the correct air circulation, ease of assembly, and at the same time the safety of the user while interacting with the woodstove, through rigorous use testing.