Time on your side.

Better customer service through design.

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Newvision develops and implements spotless customer service processes through software and hardware solutions. This includes modules for queue management, digital signage and footfall analytics.

We develop Inlinexperience, a brand strategy around software modules that could unify the offer and represent every advantage behind each.

Each Newvision software module had their own voice and language, communicating to different market segments. We understood that when put together, the software modules became a complete experience for queue management, digital signage, footfall analytics and kiosks, providing huge value for clients and customers.

More than a software,
an experience.

This experience gives time and empowers knowledge to clients and customers. We’ve created the positioning around the idea of putting time and knowledge on clients’ side.

INLINEXPERIENCE provides fully integrated functionalities that enhance the customer service process, allowing users to take action through knowledge and data, improving their time.

One experience,
one software,
multiple touchpoints.

INLINEXPERIENCE can be present in all retail store experience, from making an appointment to checkout. Allowing customers to improve time management (their’s + client’s) while improving their business.

the hardware.

For physical interactions in store we developed Proxima, a high-quality queuing kiosk. Featuring a modern and engaging design, combined with high-quality multimedia content support, it sets the tone for the whole customer experience at a premium level.