The future is clean, over and over again.

One bottle,
multiple scenarios.

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INNGAGE embraced the challenge of revolutionizing the future of eco-friendly detergents by working alongside with EcoX to develop its new identity, its new brand positioning and strategy, and its new packaging. A pioneering and 100% Portuguese brand, EcoX transforms used cooking oils into cleaning detergents. With the mission of making the future clean, over and over again, this brand is dedicated to develop more environmentally friendly solutions.

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The packaging had to be reusable, multifunctional, disruptive and incorporate recycled material.

Reusable so each bottle has a longer usage life span, and the consumer can refill it. Multifunctional because, aligned with the brand’s ecological purpose, we want the same mould, the same production process and the same packaging to be used for different scenarios: a spray bottle, a multipurpose bottle, bottles for dish wash and WC detergent and dosing cap for laundry. Made with 50% of recycled PE, giving even more meaning to the concept of circularity. Disruptive because EcoX is a pioneer in what they do, and the packaging had to follow that positioning.

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The whole process was designed to enhance the experience that the consumer will have with the brand.

The true purpose of EcoX is to create a cleaner and better future. We wanted to do something captivating for a large spectrum of people so the brand would reach a larger audience, but also something people could identify with. With meaning.

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The identity need to communicate circularity, functionality and efficiency, and have a very functional and practical component.

The objective is getting people to relate and easily understand the brand’s values. They know why they are making a difference and that they are collaborating for the circular economy system, without additional effort and without changing anything from their usual routine.

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Efficient cleaning for your home and our planet awarded with Green Good Design Award.

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