Nature meets technology.

Natural materials
mixed together.

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Stork stands for stone + cork. A new material developed by Frontwave that combines the characteristics of natural stone and cork, enhancing their properties. Stone becomes lighter, larger, and offers acoustic and thermal efficiency. Cork becomes more premium and structured. This natural mix provides an increased range of applications and new possibilities.

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After Stork developed their product, the challenge was creating a brand that could relate with potential clients.

The brand was positioned as premium, for high-end markets. The goal was to establish an emotional connection through communication. Combining that with the uniqueness of this new material, Stork statement was born: Seamless beauty, solid efficiency.

stork tiles frontwave product

High end solutions.
Nature’s perfection.

STORK is an innovative solution of lightweight material with outstanding resistance and durability. Its physical and mechanical characteristics promote a vast range of applications for any project using natural stone.

A natural blend of two highly valuable (and natural) materials.

stork by inngage frontwave context nature technology blend

A new brand
from scratch.

From the brand identity, to the marketing materials, icon set, animations, brochures and website, all brand’s touchpoints were developed with one thing in mind: communicating the emotional and technical properties of stone and cork, when combined.

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