One formula. Multiple applications.

Contemporary, innovative and exclusive handles.

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Orizon is a line of handles for doors and windows designed by INNGAGE in collaboration with Alualpha, to offer quality, provide safety and make handling easier. The right choice for projects meant to stand out with small details that make all the difference.

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Turning the conventional handle more ergonomic
and innovative.

Alualpha were aiming for having a greater diversity of products and to redefine the brand strategy. The market for door and window handles is very competitive. We started by analysing the market and pinpoint the competing brands. It allowed us to detect some areas of opportunity, evolve some concepts and adjust the direction of the product.

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orizon models

Optimized formula that could be replicated in around 50 handles of the same line.

Orizon had to look simple but strong in order to stand out in the market at a competitive price. The final product was possible by working closely with installers and architects, to understand the features they value the most in this type of product.

orizon models
orizon fixed banner

Minimalist appearance. Refined to enhance the experience of touch and the comfort of usability.

Orizon language and functionality stays cohesive throughout the entire line. In a family of around 50 handles this is highly relevant as it ensures that all the Orizon products can share the same space with perfect visual harmony due to multiple tunings and prototypes that we made.

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Orizon handle line was awarded with a Good Design Award last year and a German Design Award 2022.

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