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We partnered with Polisport to develop an upper fork protection. The product meets the specific needs of cross pilots that look for rigid impact and stone protection for the upper forks, maintaining sponsor communication.

Polisport challenged us to design a product that’s universal, easy to install, allows customization and, above all, that’s very efficient in terms of protection.

The result? A single piece made of highly resistant plastic that can be assembled and disassembled through zip ties. An innovative product that adds a gigantic value to the motocross experience.

Robust and Reliable

In the category of upper fork protectors, a product made entirely of plastic is a novelty. So, the challenge was also about being certain that our product meets the requirements of motocross pilots that have the highest standards. No matter the product we are dealing with the ride must never be jeopardized.

Easy and quick installation.

The protection guides the pilot to a simple and effortless assembly creating a feeling of confidence by sensing the tight grip on the fork. This assembly is further ensured by reusable zip ties. Its universal design also allows it to be customizable and adapted to the various models of forks (different diameters and different heights) – always ensuring space for sponsor stickers.

High impact resistance.

Produced in a single piece made of POM, a material that gives high strength and great flexibility. An innovative product that enhances the motocross experience.

Tested by the users.

The protection was tested by professional pilots to the extreme. The assurance that the protection won’t ever be loose was a mandatory requirement from Polisport.

“The rider has to feel that the bike is protected. Only when he is fully convinced of the bike’ safety will be possible to enjoy the full experience of motocross”.