Cough as a powerful and precise insight.

A new way to monitor and analyze coughing.

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Pioneering in the market, the C-mo medical device is applied between the abdominal and chest area in chronic cough patients, conducting a comprehensive assessment of its distinctive characteristics.
This technological device enables patients to better manage their condition and allows doctors to provide continuous remote monitoring through data transmission.
A true revolution in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory pathologies.

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From research to solution in an ongoing partnership with the C-mo Medical Solutions team.

We initiated the project with an extensive research on this type of products and their target audience, benchmarking existing solutions and brands, and an extensive investigation into the technologies and materials necessary to meet quality standards and mandatory certifications.

The collection and analysis of information allowed for the definition of several initial concepts exploring different paths. In collaboration with our client, we conducted a careful and comparative assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each option, resulting in the product we have today.

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Prototyping was the key tool in creating a practical and comfortable product.

The nature and complexity of this device led us to an ongoing prototyping process to design a comfortable device that allows for efficient monitoring without being demanding for the user.

One of the essential and truly differentiating requirements of this project was the creation of a comfortable and flexible device that adapts to all types of users and completely different needs: from children to the elderly.

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The use of rapid prototyping allowed us, in real-time and throughout all stages, to test ergonomics and gather feedback from various users, crucial for making the device as comfortable and discreet as possible.

As a medical device, the product underwent rigorous tests and trials to obtain the necessary certifications for its commercialization, a moment in which high-fidelity prototyping was equally important.

Unique comfort, unmatched insights.

From the patient’s point of view, this device offers unique comfort due to its small size and flexibility, adapting organically and discreetly to any user.

From the doctor’s perspective, this device allows the collection of objective data, eliminating reliance on the subjectivity of a patient’s description. The data collected by the device is stored and organized on the C-mo platform, enabling the doctor to analyze and make a more efficient diagnosis, detecting changes and adjusting treatment more quickly and confidently.

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The user experience as the ultimate purpose.

All materials – physical and digital – developed always in close partnership with the C-mo Medical Solutions team are focused on providing the best user experience possible: from instructions and packaging design for easy understanding and correct application, to how the different components of the device work for effortless application and use.

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The C-mo proves that the monitoring and medical supervision of a patient with chronic cough don’t have to be a time-consuming and trial-and-error process that causes strain for both the patient and the doctor, who, without objective data, cannot make an accurate diagnosis.

The C-mo is an excellent example of the power of design when applied as an integral part of a company.

Healthcare device awarded an honorable mention at the Core77 Design Awards 2023.

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