Designing an iconic and trustful pellet stove.

The feel of trust and security that a design
can embody.

  • Client
    Fogo Montanha
  • Sector
    Home Heating Systems
  • Year

Fogo Montanha approached us to design a new pellet stove that could stand out in the market by bringing improvements to its usability and aesthetics. We quickly understood that the market is full of options that relate to each other in terms of equipment’s functionalities. By approaching consumers and potential buyers we’ve identified the need to communicate security, efficiency and trust through the product in the moment of purchase.

An equipment capable of transmitting trust to the consumer.

The trust is transmitted through its ease of use, look & feel and quality construction, that could stand out in a crowded and global market.
An iconic style that communicates efficiency and safety through its design, high quality materials and finishings. The priorities were usability improvement, especially in the access to the pellet deposit and handle.

Aiming for

The market of pellet stoves is very competitive. Fogo Montanha positions itself as a premium brand that offers quality and state of the art engineering. We knew that to differentiate this product we should design a premium object capable of innovating its usability and understanding.

Ease of use, ease
of understanding.

The area of combustion was separated from the area of air outlet so the product could gain a lightness in its appearance, distanciating itself from its competitors.
The access to the pellet deposit is more intuitive and allows the user to use both hands when filling the deposit with pellets. Also, the handle that opens the door is quite visible to the user and guarantees no mistakes when closing the door.