LG Share

Double the experiences users have in their living room or office.

A space for both
sharing and individual entertainment.

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Sharing the TV experience, individually, while being together is central in our concept.
Designed for open spaces, Share allows users to make individual use of each Oled display. This way, someone can relax while watching a movie, while someone else gets entertained by playing a video game.

Each person and family have their own entertainment needs. But they don’t need to be in different rooms to enjoy the entertainment system.

People can be in the same room, next to each other, empowering LG mission to enrich people’s changing lifestyles. So it becomes possible for you to attend your online yoga class while your kids have fun watching their favourite cartoons.

In the past two years we saw people adapt to a new reality where the boundaries of life were challenged. A vast majority of workers would prefer working from home at least half the working time.

Remote work has become a reality much faster than we expect. And in some cases it has been revealed as a good thing, appreciated by a lot of workers. With this new reality, we as humans transform our behaviors. Is now normal to share devices, to make a work video call while preparing dinner, to make use of technology in different time frames from the ones we share life with. So why not share the TV, for individual use and entertainment?
Our target audience are those young parents, technology savvy, digital couples.

To those that have different entertainment needs but love to be together in the same room. To those that share everything but treasure their private time.

Share presents itself as a double TV, powered by two 55” Oled displays. The rounded corners work as tactile menus, where you can select some features from the menu or simply turn on the volume of the TV. The two Oleds are joined together through two independent soundbars. Each soundbar can be connected to each Oled display, or to both. For a more personal sound experience, the user can connect his own headset via bluetooth connection. In its original format, Share lives to be suspended through four stainless steel wires. But we also envisioned a base that allows a stand alone use, that allows the rotation of the TV.

Share enables this concept. Making use of the two Oled displays, it makes possible the individual use of a common product.

Life will be better because now we can do different things while sharing the same place. One can play video games and the other watch movies or cartoons. One can watch soccer with their friends and the other attend school classes. One can practice karaoke singing and the other can practice pilates.