Shaping Healthier Futures

For a paradigm shift through prevention.

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A startup ready to revolutionize the healthcare sector to everyone involved: patients, caregivers and health systems through empathetic equipment and solutions that promote the well-being and comfort of both patients and healthcare professionals.

An identity that reflects the scope and innovative capacity of IHCARE’s technological solutions and a positioning that establishes the commitment not only to solve existing problems but focused on prevention as a paradigm shift in the healthcare sector.

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Shaping healthier futures, people and systems through empathetic technological solutions focused on prevention.

Early in the process of brand positioning and identity, we identified what really set this brand apart: the focus on people.

The ambition to actively and passively improve the daily lives of nurses, care givers, healthcare providers, patients and even service administrators through technology to assist with the real needs of all those involved in healthcare: those who need care and those who provide care.

Being highly technological and adaptable, all communication and materials were also created to reflect these values ​​and at the same time convey stability and confidence.

identity materials for ihcare brand

Can you imagine spending 3 days without feeling the comfort of running hot water on your skin?
This is the reality of most bedridden patients.

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A unique bath experience:
For those who need medical care and those who take care.

Showercare, IHCARE´s first device, is an innovative all-in-one system that allows bedridden people to enjoy a running hot water bath without leaving their beds.

Apart from providing better comfort and safety to all involved and less effort to caregivers, the innovative part of this project is the ability to identify the patient through the cover, which allows a personalized bath adapted to his needs, allowing efficiency at all levels: a more quality care time for the patient, more time to invest in more important tasks, and finally time and money savings for health systems by preventing infections and prolonged hospital stays.

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Designed to maximize time and save resources.

Beyond brand positioning development and identity, we were also involved in the development process of the Showercare equipment, from the SAGH (Hygiene Management System) to the Dock Station.

The whole process was about making the equipment practical and empathetic as possible, attending to ergonomic issues by maximizing space for organization and storage, without neglecting safety and hygiene through shapes and materials.

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Focus on user experience: from the equipment to the interface.

As with the equipment, the SAGH interfaces, Showercare operations center, were thoroughly tested in a controlled context in collaboration with an external team specialized in UX, to make sure it met the real needs of those who operate them thought an intuitive use experience.

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