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We partnered with Flama to conceptualize new approaches on espresso coffee machines. In this challenge we’ve deeply dove into the experience of domestic coffee consumption. By focusing on people’s behaviour, we captured important insights that led our design team to conceive innovative proposals.

flama persona research inngage

How can we improve the
user experience of coffee consumers when drinking espresso at home?

We were asked to conceptualize and design four different solutions aiming different personas and markets.

Four coffee machines with different attributes but with the same focus: be intuitive for consumers, able to communicate its status, compact and designed with the user context in mind.

flama by inngage sketching process 1

User Research
led the way.

From contextual interviews to photo studies, from participatory prototypes to user testing. Our process aimed to design products that could really impact the daily lives of users. In the participatory prototypes’ sessions, we were able to understand some pains and needs from consumers. For instance, the need to see the water tank (so the machine never stops working by the lack of water), the need to truly understand the meaning of the visual alerts, the easy extraction of used capsules from the deposit.

flama research brainstorm inngage
flama participatory prototypes benchmarking scaled

Prototype till perfection.

Every solution was prototyped so we could test with users some of our assumptions and also to assure that the size of the machine could fit all the necessary components.

flama by inngage prototyping 3
flama by inngage source 2


A vibrant expresso machine, the source of energy.
Its interface is clear and assumes the focus of the machine.

flama by inngage source 9
flama by inngage source 3
flama by inngage source 12
flama by inngage source 2 2
flama by inngage source 1
flama by inngage source 3 1
flama by inngage easy 6


Small and intuitive, lets you know what it needs.
Visual alerts through LED’s indicates the status of the machine.
The water tank on the top lets you easily know the water level.

flama by inngage easy 9
flama by inngage easy 2 1
flama by inngage easy 3
flama by inngage easy 7
flama by inngage easy 4
flama by inngage angle 4


A professional approach to homemade coffee.
For those who always dreamed to become a professional barista.

flama by inngage angle 7
flama by inngage angle 4 1
flama by inngage angle 3 1
flama by inngage angle 5
flama by inngage cube 2 1


Because every kitchen has a corner.
People tend to position their coffee machines on the extremes of countertops, on the corner. So why not have a coffee machine especially designed for corners?

flama by inngage cube 3 2
flama by inngage cube 6 e1646404704704

Personal Coffee.

Data about your consumption, ordering coffee capsules, checking the status of the machine, all through an app designed for coffee lovers.

flama by inngage cube 6 e1646404704704
flama by inngage cube 4 2