Recycling your way.

A way to recycle according to your lifestyle.

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Doing household waste separation nowadays is an important principle for our planet’s sustainability. There are several solutions available for domestic waste separation. Nonetheless, not everyone recycles equally: we have different habits, contrasting volumes of garbage and therefore unique recycling needs.

Faplana asked us to design a recycling station for home use that could improve user’s relation with domestic waste.

The process of create a recycling station for home that could improve user’s relation with domestic waste began with the search of information in real context understanding recycling’s customer journey.
We all recycle in different ways. The strategy was to create a modular system that allows the coupling of multiple bases. This way the consumer can decide how many modules he wants for paper, packaging, glass and others.

Contextual approach from idea to validation.

After our research, we quickly understood that the majority of the existing solutions didn’t solve people’s needs. Our approach was to create a system that allows people to choose the recycling modules they want to devote to each material. The prototyping of several solutions was fundamental to create an intuitive product, robust and adaptable to each household.

Customization in one click.

The bases have been designed to be coupled to each other in an intuitive way, allowing the user to build the recycling station according to the needs, allowing several combinations.

Fully modular.

Created from the same mold, all the pieces are perfectly integrable between them. The color of the base and handle change according to the code of recycling.

Easy to use.

By pressing the pedal, the lid unlocks the bin, which is easily removed with the help of the handle, so the user doesn’t have to touch the bin.

Easy to identify and carry.

The handle serves as identification and allows easy transport.

Easy to handle and clean.

The lower edge allows an easy and ergonomic disposal of the waste, practically and without dirt.

Fully customizable.

From domestic use to professional contexts, Be-Eco adapts to people’s needs, making recycling a more customized experience.