Redefining a classic.

A mighty chopping board for cooking lovers.

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    Kitchen Supplies
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Reinvent the chopping board, creating additional value for the consumer. The challenge by Faplana was to design a chopping board with a competitive price point. Nonetheless, it should prove to be a valuable asset in any kitchen.

Faplana approached us to design a new chopping board with the ambition of putting on the market a product that could add value to the consumer and their business.

We designed a simple chopping board with improved functionalities that came as needs from the insights we learned with consumers. For instance, the ability of lifting the chopping board or the need for a more efficient way to move ingredients around.

Adding value
through design.

How do people use the chopping board? Through contextual interviews and pictures collection, it was possible to understand some problems and needs people face when using a chopping board. Those insights led the process of ideation, searching for an efficient solution.

By prototyping several solutions, it was possible to validate different design directions and align product features with people’s real needs. The prototypes brought Arcus to life.

An arch with a mission.

The arch that characterizes the shape of the board allows a better movement of the items chopped when adding them to pots and pans, preventing these items to fall down.

Anti spill.

The outline of the chopping board is characterized by a recess that prevents the spilling of liquids.

Designed for context.

Its shape was thought to fit the different areas of the kitchen where people usually store the chopping board. It can be hanged or just stand still in the countertop.

Easy handling.

People struggle when they try to lift the chopping boards. So, we added an angular shape to its inferior surface: when pressed the chopping board stands, improving the usability when lifting it.