Bulk protection, bold rides.

An user-friendly
fortress skid plate.

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For motocross and enduro riders dirt, mud, rocks, sticks or leaves are common threads that can influence the ride, especially if the bike’s engine is affected. Pilots need to feel that their bike is protected in a tough way, without compromising performance.

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Together with Polisport we set a goal to design a new fortress skid plate, easy to dis(mount), that would improve functionality without compromising performance.

Looking for references outside the universe of motocross/enduro we found that bicycles commonly use clamping levers. This is an intuitive solution that offers safety, ease of use and strong fixing, avoiding the use of an external tool. This became the basis for the project development.

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in design.

After speaking with pilots it became clear that the need for an external tool to (dis)mount the protection was a major issue. Pilots don’t want to carry unnecessary tools: they just want to ride. Inspired by the systems found in bicycles we focused the development on the clamping levers for fixing purposes. This allowed us to design an innovative and robust solution for Polisport, one of its kind.

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The new Aegis protection offers engine and frame rails full coverage. The choice of plastic as the main material allows the fortress skid plate to be lighter and quitter than metallic protections. Its slim fit shape prevents mud, dirt or rocks to build up between the protector and the frame. Besides, the mounting system offers a simple and quick installation.

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Functional innovation.

One of its kind. The aluminium clamping lever is fully integrated in the plastic part, offering an intuitive way to mount and dismount the protection. The lever stays protected by the plastic preventing it to become loose during the ride.

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Protection with an easy mounting kit, air intakes and with the possibility of linkage an additional protection.

Mounting kit developed for a simple and quick installation. The clamping lever forces a secondary steel part to pinch the plastic into the frame, allowing a strong fit and stability.
The protection includes air intakes to cool the engine and is available with and without linkage protection.

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Extra protection for extraordinary riders.

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